Charged With a Misdemeanor in Syracuse, NY?

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Misdemeanors are less serious charges than felonies, but can still result in a permanent criminal record, and can also impact your employment, professional licenses, and security clearances. Certain misdemeanor convictions can even disqualify you from obtaining federally guaranteed student loans. The James Hopkins Law Firm knows how to minimize the threat of these consequences. Attorney Hopkins has the knowledge and skill to build the best possible defense for you, and will strive to limit the threat of jail time, hefty fines or a lengthy probationary period. He’ll answer your legal questions and provide you sound counsel.

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James Hopkins Law Firm in Syracuse, New York, has extensive experience in criminal law. Attorney Hopkins can assist with typical misdemeanor charges like:

  • Drug possession
  • DUI / DWI / Aggravated Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Shoplifting
  • Criminal Contempt of Court

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