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Effective criminal defense in Syracuse, NY

No matter the charge, a criminal conviction carries serious consequences that can cost time, money, your reputation or even your freedom. At James Hopkins Law Firm, we provide effective legal representation to limit adverse consequences from criminal charges. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Syracuse, NY. We defend all types of criminal cases in state and federal courts, including::

Homicide/ Manslaughter/ Firearms – Mr. Hopkins has successfully defended many cases involving the most serious criminal charges imaginable, including murder, manslaughter and kidnapping. Every case is different, but Mr. Hopkins has won multiple acquittals of serious felony charges after trial, and has successfully resolved many other serious cases through negotiation or other means.

DWI / DUI – A charge of driving under the influence can happen to anybody, and the repercussions of a conviction can include jail, fines, severe license penalties and permanent damage to your record. We examine the particulars of your arrest, including any tests used to determine your level of alleged impairment.

Drug charges– Narcotics and marijuana / marijuana cases constitute a significant portion of the caseload at James Hopkins Law Firm, as Mr. Hopkins was a former narcotics prosecutor in the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office. He has considerable experience both prosecuting and defending such cases. We know the alternatives to prosecution that might be available, and strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Misdemeanors – Though the consequences are less severe than for felonies, misdemeanor convictions can still leave you with a permanent criminal record and potential sentences of jail, probation or fines. A conviction can also result in ineligibility for student loans, or may affect your employment. Examples of misdemeanor charges include petit larceny, assault 3d degree, and issuing a bad check. Traffic misdemeanors like aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle or reckless driving are also misdemeanors, and can result in hefty fines, state surcharges, and higher insurance rates.

White collar crimes – Conviction for these nonviolent crimes still carry significant repercussions, including potentially lengthy state prison sentences and fines. James Hopkins Law Firm works with clients accused of white collar crimes to develop an effective defense.

Fraud – Identity theft, insurance fraud and workers compensation fraud are example of white collar crimes expertly handled by the James Hopkins Law Firm. If you have been charged with fraud in Syracuse, NY, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to examine every detail of the case.

Theft – A larceny conviction that doesn’t involve violent behavior or serious weapons charges can still adversely impact your life. A criminal record may prevent you from getting the job you want, or otherwise impact your life. James Hopkins Law Firm works tirelessly for you to prevent this.

For more information about how James Hopkins Law Firm can effectively represent you in these types of cases, or others, in Syracuse, NY, schedule your free initial consultation today.

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